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  Radio Manners
  Spring Maintenance Checklist

" Safety Is No Accident "

Most people think that Safety at Sea begins and ends with counting life preservers, checking lifelines and re-attaching the throwable buoy or Lifesling at the beginning of the season. But as the skipper of a vessel, your responsibility to the crew is to provide the safest possible environment at all times; both under way and at the dock .

The following pages contain several checklists, articles and quizzes that I hope you will find interesting and helpful. Spend adequate time together with your crew and these lists before the racing season gets started and make them part of your ongoing training.

REMEMBER: The worst time for your crew to learn correct man-overboard and rules of the road procedures is when someone has just fallen overboard or you're faced with a rapidly oncoming tanker. Practice emergency procedures seriously and often. It might save your life or the life of a crew member.

Good Luck and Happy Boating!

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